• International League

    The Associated Press 8 minutes ago
    North DivisionWLPct.GBSyracuse (Nationals)6247.569—Pawtucket (Red Sox)6150.5502Rochester (Twins)6049.5502Buffalo (Blue Jays)5553.5096½Scranton/Wilkes-Barre (Yankees)5356.4869Lehigh Valley ...
  • Frontier League

    The Associated Press 10 minutes ago
    East DivisionWLPct.GBWashington3923.629—Evansville3723.6171Southern Illinois3625.5902½Lake Erie3328.5415½Florence2534.42412½Traverse City2338.37715½Frontier20 ...
  • Fundraising, endurance cyclist does it again; Rides across Michigan in one day

    TWCC Examiner 11 minutes ago
    Dr. Kyle Denison Martin, an experienced long-distance cyclist, rode across Michigan’s Lower Peninsula in one day on Saturday, July 26th. It took approximately 18 hours for Martin to complete the "Mitten Ride", which requires cycling 232 miles from Muskegon ...
  • Atlantic League

    The Associated Press 13 minutes ago
    Freedom DivisionWLPct.GBLancaster107.588—x-York107.588—Southern Maryland109.5261Sugar Land810.4442½Liberty DivisionWLPct.GBBridgeport118.579—Camden98.529 ...
  • Midwest League

    The Associated Press 15 minutes ago
    Eastern DivisionWLPct.GBx-West Michigan (Tigers)2412.667—South Bend (Diamondbacks)2214.6112Lansing (Blue Jays)1818.5006Lake County (Indians)1718.4866½Great Lakes (Dodgers)1719.4727 ...
  • Appalachian League

    The Associated Press 17 minutes ago
    East DivisionWLPct.GBDanville (Braves)2313.639—Pulaski (Mariners)2017.5413½Princeton (Rays)1918.5144½Burlington (Royals)1819.4865½Bluefield (Blue Jays)1721.4477West DivisionWL ...

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