Evan Almighty

Evan Almighty is a 2007 American religious comedy film and the stand-alone sequel to Bruce Almighty (2003). The film was directed by Tom Shadyac, written by Steve Oedekerk, and starring Steve Carell as the title character. Morgan Freeman also reprised his role as God from the original film. Production of the film began in January 2006. Several visual effect companies were used to provide CGI for the numerous animals and climactic flood scene. Shadyac ensured the production had a positive environmental impact during principal photography, and, along with Universal Pictures, stressed the animals' conditions were acceptable despite PETA objections. By the time the film premiered on June 10, 2007, it had become the most expensive film comedy ever. The film grossed less than $174 million worldwide, making it a financial loss, and it received generally negative reviews. In October 2007, the film was released on DVD and HD DVD. Newly elected to Congress, former local television news reporter Evan Baxter (Steve Carell) leaves his hometown of Buffalo, New York and moves to suburban northern Virginia, where his campaign promise to "change the world" is ridiculed by some, but Evan remains...


  • The Virginian-Pilot Mal Vincent column

    The Virginian-Pilot 3 weeks ago
    Movies opening locally this weekend. "NOAH" There's a whole lot of rain going on in this retelling of the biblical tale of the great flood. It has been dramatized before as a flop comedy (with Steve Carell in "Evan ...


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