Ed Davis

Jesse Edwin Davis (September 21, 1944 – June 22, 1988) was an American guitarist. Born in Norman, Oklahoma, Davis began his musical career in Oklahoma City, where his dad Jesse Ed Davis II had painted all of the Native American murals on the State Capitol building hallways. He was Kiowa (on his Mother's side) and his Father was Kiowa and Cherokee, although in his autobiographical song, "Washita Love Child," he sang that he was born in a Kiowa-Comanche tepee (Jesse Davis). Davis began his musical career in the late 1950s playing in Oklahoma City and surrounding cities with John Ware (later Emmylou Harris' drummer) , John Selk (later Donovan's bass player), Jerry Fisher (later Blood, Sweat & Tears vocalist) Mike Boyle, Chris Frederickson, drummer Bill Maxwell (later Andrae Crouch and Koinonia) and others. He graduated from Northeast High School in 1962, and one of his classmates was Mike Brewer, later of Brewer and Shipley. By the mid 1960s Jesse had quit the University of Oklahoma and went touring with Conway Twitty, although he had toured with Twitty before, notably when Conway was still a rock and roll performer. Davis eventually moved to California, where, through his friendship...

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