Casey Crawford

Camp Casey was the name given to the encampment of anti-war protesters outside the Prairie Chapel Ranch in Crawford, Texas during US President George W. Bush's five-week summer vacation there in 2005, named after Iraq War casualty US Army Specialist Casey Sheehan. It was founded by Cindy Sheehan after she failed to get a second meeting with President Bush for an explanation of the cause for which her son, Casey, died. Having been turned away, she pitched a tent by the side of the road and announced her intention to stay, day and night, for the full five weeks or until such a meeting is granted. She has also promised that, if she is not granted a second meeting, she will return to Crawford each time Bush visits there in the future. Other members of Gold Star Families for Peace and other anti-Iraq War activists joined them, camped in public land, such as ditches by the road. A local property owner provided them with a place to camp, which became known as "Camp Casey II." Two weeks after the establishment of "Camp Casey," counter-protestors established their own camp nearby. There had been reports that the police had threatened to arrest all protesters on site on Thursday, August 11,...


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