Image Entertainment

Image Entertainment, Inc. is a leading independent licensee, producer and distributor of home entertainment programming in North America, with approximately 3,000 exclusive DVD titles and approximately 250 exclusive CD titles in domestic release, and approximately 450 programs internationally via sublicense agreements. For many of its titles, Image has exclusive audio and broadcast rights and -- through its subsidiary Egami Media, Inc. -- has digital download rights to approximately 2,000 video programs and over 300 audio programs containing more than 4,500 tracks. The Company is headquartered in Chatsworth, California. Founded in 1981 as a public company, Image trades on the NASDAQ under the symbol DISK. Image began life as a distributor of Laserdiscs, whose sound and picture quality surpassed that of VHS and Beta, the dominant tape formats of the time. Image successfully secured exclusive output deals with major studios such as 20th Century Fox and The Walt Disney Company and grew to become the dominant distributor of the format. As the 1990s came to a close and Laserdiscs gave way to DVD, Image re-focused on the fledgling format that would quickly come to dominate the home video

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