Eric Abidal

Éric Abidal (born 11 September 1979 in Lyon) is a French footballer who plays as a left back for FC Barcelona in La Liga. Abidal was trained at AS Lyon Duchère, a team playing in the suburbs of Lyon. He started his professional career with AS Monaco on 16 September 2000, where he earned 22 first-team appearances. He moved to Lille OSC where he was reunited with his former manager Claude Puel and earned 62 first-team appearances. At the end of 2004, he returned to his native region by joining Olympique Lyonnais, which had just won its second successive Ligue 1 championship. During his time in France he was considered "one of the best fullbacks in the Ligue 1", self confidence of this title was shown when Lyon played Manchester United: “As a defender, my aim is to infuriate the opponent,” Abidal explained. “I want him to be so sick of the sight of me that he has to move somewhere else on the pitch to get away.” In the Lyon defense, he played alongside other French internationals (Grégory Coupet, François Clerc and Anthony Réveillère) and two Brazilian internationals (Cris and Caçapa). On 30 June 2007, Abidal moved to Barcelona for €15 million, after repeatedly stating that he would

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