Joshua Jones

Joshua Jones was a Welsh stop-motion children's television series made by Bumper Films (the creators of Fireman Sam). It was originally shown on S4C in the Welsh language in 1991, then it was translated into English and sold to the BBC in 1992. The series was about a cheerful fellow named Joshua Jones who lives on a canal boat with his canine companion Fairport and together they take trips up and down Clearwater Canal, delivering items and carrying out tasks for the folks at Biggott's Wharf and general having a fun time on the water. Joshua's friends included; Daphne Peacock the vet, Joe Laski the Hungarian farmer, Ravi Karia, the Indian boy who lives with his mother and grandfather, the get-rich-quick Wilton Cashmore and his not-so-money-hungry daughter Fiona, dizzy blonde Sharon who owned a catering van and her lazy boyfriend Spanner. The series had two videos from BBC in UK and three videos from Reel Entertainment in Australia....


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