Gaël Monfils

Gaël Monfils (pronounced [ɡaɛl mɔ̃'fis]) (born on September 1, 1986 in Bobigny, France) is a French professional male tennis player. He is currently the third highest ranked French tennis player, and No. 10 in the world. He has won one ATP singles final in 2005 Sopot. Monfils is primarily a defensive counter-puncher who likes to stand far back from the baseline and retrieve every shot until he forces an error from his opponent or maneuvers around to hit a clean winner. However, his ability to go from defense to offense very quickly often takes his opponents by surprise. His signature shot is his two-handed backhand which he sometimes executes in mid-air. Although Monfils is mostly a defensive player, during his own service games, he tends to go for an ace or a one two combination to finish off the points early. Only when he is forced to play an extended rally (usually on his opponent's serve) does he retreat to a counter-punching position. He is also known for dancing to celebrate victories. Monfils possesses a huge serve capable of reaching over 140 mph. Tennis commentators have noted that during his time on the junior tour, he imitated the service motion of Andy Roddick (who...


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