Justin Hartley

Justin Scott Hartley (born January 29, 1977) is an American actor, writer and director. He is best known for his roles of Fox Crane on the NBC daytime soap opera Passions, and as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow on the WB/CW Superman-inspired series Smallville. Hartley portrayed character Fox Crane on the daytime drama Passions, from December 17, 2002 to February 10, 2006. In 2006, Hartley played the starring role as Aquaman, of comic book fame, in a television pilot for the CW titled Aquaman (or Mercy Reef), which was to have been a spin off of the television show Smallville. Though it never aired, the pilot later became available online. Hartley did a seven-episode run as billionaire Oliver Queen on the CW series Smallville later that year. In 2008, he returned to Smallville as a regular cast member. In 2008, he starred as Tom in the controversial film, Red Canyon, filmed in the badlands of Utah. Hartley is the third actor to portray Green Arrow, and the first to do so in live-action. Hartley was born in Knoxville, IL, and was raised in Orland Park, IL with his brother Nathan, and sisters Megan and Gabriela. Hartley went SIU and UIC where he majored in history and theater. In 2003,...


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