Labor Party

The Australian Labor Party is an Australian political party. Known as the ALP for short, the party is the current governing party of Australia, since the 2007 federal election. Kevin Rudd is the party's federal parliamentary leader and Prime Minister of Australia. Founded in 1891 by the emerging labour movement in Australia, Labor is the country's oldest active political party, having contested state seats from 1891, federal seats following the Federation at the 1901 federal election, and gained Australia's first majority in either house at the 1910 federal election. The ALP predates both the British Labour Party and New Zealand Labour Party among others in both party formation and government. The party today competes with the Liberal/National coalition for political office at the federal and state (and sometimes local) level. The policy of the Australian Labor Party is contained in its National Platform, which is approved by delegates to Labor's National Conference, held every three years. According to the Labor Party's website, "The Platform is the result of a rigorous and constructive process of consultation, spanning the nation and including the cooperation and input of state


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