Mark McGwire

Mark David McGwire (born October 1, 1963) is a former Major League Baseball player who played the majority of his major league career with the Oakland Athletics before finishing his career with the St. Louis Cardinals. For his career, McGwire averaged a home run once every 10.61 at bats, the highest at bats per home run ratio in baseball history (Babe Ruth is second at 11.80). In 1987, he broke the single-season home run record for rookies, with 49. In 1998, McGwire broke the single-season home run record by hitting 70. His mark was surpassed by Barry Bonds who hit 73 in 2001 . Before Mark McGwire began his major league career with the Oakland A's he was an All American Baseball player at the University of Southern California. Then in 1986, he experienced great success with the A's and he played there until late in the 1997 season. With teammate José Canseco, he was one half of "The Bash Brothers." Their offensive output helped to propel Oakland to three consecutive American League Championships from 1988-1990. McGwire and the A's won the 1989 World Series. Early in his career, a stretch of hitting bases-empty home runs earned McGwire the derisive nickname "Marco Solo." McGwire


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