Newspaper Association of America

The Newspaper Association of America (NAA) is a trade association (headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, U.S.A.) that represents that country's largest daily newspapers. The Newspaper Association of America provides services that include: market research, technology education and support, minority hiring, and representing publishers as lobbyists. The NAA says it represents "nearly 90 percent of the daily newspaper circulation in the United States." Its media guide says it represents 2000 member newspapers in the United States and Canada. The NAA sponsors annual meetings for a variety of industry special interests, including classified advertising, circulation, research and general advertising, as well as an annual equipment trade show, called NEXPO. The Newspaper National Network LP is a print and online advertising sales partnership of the NAA and 25 major newspaper companies. The top staff executive is John Sturm, who has run the group since 1995. Previously, he spent four years as the group's chief Washington lobbyist and before that held similar lobbying positions with CBS and NBC. Earlier, he was a staff lawyer with the Federal Communications Commission. The NAA was created in...


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