Oren Peli

Oren Peli (Hebrew: אורן פלי‎; born 1970) is an Israeli-born American film director, producer and screenwriter, best known as the director/creator of Paranormal Activity. He is also a video game programmer. Oren Peli was born in Israel. When he reached the age of 19, he relocated to the United States. He was an intensive student of animation and graphic design and that helped him to become the successful director he is today. Peli is not only a film director but is also a screenwriter. In 2009, his film debut Paranormal Activity was released, with inspiration from The Blair Witch Project. Despite a $15,000 budget, he managed to create a box-office hit out of the horror film. Oren Peli started out as a computer software programmer and his first movie was Paranormal Activity. He took a stab at directing, aware of how to utilize filmmaking technology and confident that he could direct a movie that dealt a lot with technology. Peli moved into his first house all alone and without family nearby. Peli would hear creaks and knocks without having anyone around and it gave him the idea to make a movie about the weird noises you may hear in your home. Paranormal Activity came about with the...


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