Tim Howard

Timothy Matthew "Tim" Howard (born March 6, 1979 in North Brunswick, New Jersey) is an American soccer goalkeeper currently playing for Everton F.C. in the English Premier League and the United States national team. Tim Howard was born in North Brunswick, New Jersey in the United States to Matthew Howard, an African-American, and Esther Howard, a Caucasian woman born in Hungary. His parents divorced when he was three years old, so Howard lived with his mother, a project manager for a cosmetics distributor. His father, a long-distance truck driver for a health-care firm, nonetheless maintained a presence in his life. It was his father, in fact, who was determined to get Tim and his brother, Chris, involved in sports. Before the two could walk, he bought them equipment for various sports to see which games they preferred. Tim showed a preference for basketball and soccer. Racism, which manifested itself when Howard dated a Caucasian girl whose father refused to let him in their house, was one of two major obstacles Howard faced in his early life; the other was Tourette syndrome. Howard’s symptoms began to appear when he was in the fifth grade. Before Howard was a teenager, Tim


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