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The United States Congress is the bicameral legislature of the federal government of the United States of America, consisting of two houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives. Both senators and representatives are chosen through direct election. Each of the 435 members of the House of Representatives represents a district and serves a two-year term. House seats are apportioned among the states by population. The 100 Senators serve staggered six-year terms. Each state has two senators, regardless of population. Every two years, approximately one-third of the Senate is elected at a time. Article I of the Constitution vests all legislative power in the Congress. The House and Senate are equal partners in the legislative process (legislation cannot be enacted without the consent of both chambers); however, the Constitution grants each chamber some unique powers. The Senate is uniquely empowered to ratify treaties and to approve top presidential appointments. Revenue-raising bills must originate in the House of Representatives, which also has the sole power of impeachment, while the Senate has the sole power to try impeachment cases. The Congress meets in the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.


  • Congress votes final passage on highway bill

    The Associated Press 38 minutes ago
    John Boehner
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Congress gave final approval Thursday to a $10.8 billion bill to keep federal highway funds flowing to states through the summer construction season and the fall elections. The Senate passed the House-written bill on an 81-13 vote ...
  • The Associated Press

    Congress sends VA overhaul to White House

    The Associated Press 1 hour ago
    Robert McDonald
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Congress passed a landmark bill Thursday to help veterans avoid long waits for health care and fix other problems at the Department of Veterans Affairs. A 91-3 vote in the Senate sent the $16.3 billion measure to ...
  • The Associated Press

    Senate kills spending bill for border crisis

    The Associated Press 1 hour ago
    WASHINGTON (AP) — A bill to address the crisis of unaccompanied migrant youths arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border has died in the Senate on a procedural vote. The 50-44 vote Thursday night fell short of the 60 votes needed ...
  • Syrian atrocities witness testifies in US Congress

    The Associated Press 10 hours ago
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Graphic images of emaciated and bloodied corpses in the Syrian civil war were presented to uncharacteristically silent members of Congress Thursday as a former military photographer testified about the signs of savagery he witnessed. Codenamed "Caesar," the man ...
  • Bill impasse puts state cash at risk

    Times Union 11 hours ago
    ALBANY -- Federal transportation spending is speeding toward a cliff, and Congress is behind the wheel. The Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate on Tuesday passed a bill -- a modified piece of House legislation -- to keep the national Highway Trust Fund solvent, sending ...
  • Party leaders: Whatcom's two-candidate primaries a crucial litmus test

    The Bellingham Herald 11 hours ago
    If Tuesday's election is a "top-two" primary, then why are races with only one or two candidates on the ballot? It's not a race if nobody loses. All ballots mailed to Whatcom County voters earlier this month have ...

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